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Nylacast is a leading manufacturer of low-weight, low-friction polymers and award winning solutions for safety critical applications, with over 530 employees around 6 worldwide sites.


The company is invited by a major world class tier 1 supplier to develop an EPS worm-wheel to suit an existing need where other techniques failed the set criteria of tooth strength with shock resistance, low friction, low noise (NVH) and high torque.


A dedicated plant is built, tested to exceed all requirements and approved to manufacture volume production with capacity for 2.5million parts.


Products begin to be exported to Europe. The Development of other customer EPS gear design takes place and plant 2 with capacity of 3million parts per annum is established to meet awarded volume business.


A sophisticated multi-axis CNC gear cutting cell, capable of working to DIN standard 7 is added to plant 2, alongside production of a second EPS gear design for an existing customer.


Nylacast Automotive ships its 5 millionth EPS gear. Design and development of a new gear for multi-wheel steer also takes place.


Further development and production of EPS gears for vehicle segments takes place to meet new business awarded for varied platforms and class of vehicles A-D segments from various Tier 1 customers.


Nylacast Automotive begins to supply customers in China.


Nylacast Automotive begins to supply customers in Asia Pacific regions.


The company supplies its 20 millionth EPS gear, extending its reach to South America. Worm gears are also developed for non-passenger vehicles (ATVs).


By invitation, Nylacast Automotive conducts feasibility to establish potential for a Plant and localised manufacture in China to support growth in the Asia Pacific.

Significant business is awarded by additional Tier 1s for platforms across the world, in addition to China.


Sites and locations in proximity to Shanghai begin to be surveyed for a Plant in China.

Nylacast Automotive begins to supply customers in India.


Changshu area selected for its proximity to customers. The fit out of a building for world class production begins in China.

The company is awarded Material Application of the Year for its’ EPS Worm Gear at the British Engineering Excellence Awards in London.


Nylacast Automotive ships its 50 millionth EPS gear. Further business secured in the recreation vehicle market. Best in class plant equipment is procured for the Changshu facility along with the welcoming newly appointed teams and management.


Nylacast Automotive awarded additional business nominated by customers in South America.


UK site is moved to a larger, state of the art facility in Leicester, increasing capacity by 33%. Technical centres are established in both Leicester and Changshu. Additional business nominations take the current order book to 2030.


Nylacast Automotive opens Japan Office.


NN, Inc. and Nylacast Automotive announce collaboration on electric power steering (EPS) worm wheel and worm shaft gearsets.