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Research & Design

Nylacasts Automotives’ Research & Design team work closely with engineers, designers and clients to gain a deep understanding of customer requirements in order to be truly innovative.

Nylacast Automotive have full in-house complimentary Research & Design Centres in Leicester & Changshu.

Through our Research & Design facilities, Nylacast are able to offer continuous new material development and innovation based on market & customer requirements, supported by an experienced Automotive based Engineering team with full CAE abilities including:

  • Higher Tensile Modulus Materials (increased torque)
  • Good Flexural Modulus (for shock loading)
  • Extended Temperature Range (for under hood applications)
  • Lower Co-Efficient of Friction (lower power motor)
  • Custom formulation of materials for ever more demanding applications

Nylacasts full Chemical & Physical Testing Facility offers:

  • Certificate of Analysis & Compliance
  • Product quality testing & materials testing
  • Bench Testing of samples
  • Customised testing
  • Tensile, Crystallinity, Hardness testing
  • All carried out to international standards: ASTM/ISO/IEC